We spend your money to train healthworkers from all the world
to help their communities and teach them that
everyone can
do something to
  • Uganda
  • Bangladesh I
  • Bangladesh II
  • Afghanistan
  • Madagascar
Any Questions?
  • How can i help MobileDiagnosis?
  • How can I make a donation?
  • 5 x 1000
  • There are several ways to help MobileDiagnosis, money donation is only one of them.
    If you are a member of an association we could start a collaboration or if not you can offer your expertise in medical or other field, your contacts or your time.
    Write us to learn more!
  • It's easy!
    You can make a bank transfer to:
    MobileDiagnosis Onlus, Via Sciuti 180, 90100 Palermo Italy
    Banca Popolare Etica
    IBAN: IT37 R05018046 0000 0000 14 11 55

    You can use Paypal by clicking this link.

    If you're italian just check the next guestion.
  • It is a percentage of your tax you can decide to
    donate, at no cost, to charities in Italy.
    It is just another way of helping MobileDiagnosis.
    Every year, with your tax statement (CUD additional form, 730/1 bis form or Single Personal Income Form).

    You can donate your 5 x 1000 by signing the "Sostegno delle organizzazioni non lucrative" (Charity support) box in your tax statement,
    and copy our taxpayer's code in the space below: 97261360826