MobileDiagnosis® was founded to promote and further develop the use of the method discovered in 2008 by Livia Bellina, an italian pathologist who worked for the Italian National Health Service in Lampedusa island.
In April 2008, she found herself in the urgent need to confirm a diagnosis of malaria from a blood sample of an African immigrant. With no other means at hand, she took a picture of the microscopic field using the camera incorporated in her mobile-phone, and sent it via MMS for tele-diagnostic purposes to a reference center.
The described method has been filed for patent in April 2008, with the sole purpose to protect the idea from commercialization and consent its free use and dissemination.
In 2009 the meeting with Eduardo Missoni was determinant; Eduardo understood immediately the relevance of the method, and the two scientists together just after two months after they met published the method on a open source scientific magazine.
In 2010 Livia and Eduardo with Vincenzo and Giorgio Prestigiacomo (Livia's sons) founded MobileDiagnosis® Onlus a Non Profit organization , aiming at promoting and further developing the use of the method.
In 2010 a team of committed young friends joined Livia. Working as volunteers, they started the "MobileDiagnosis Creative Team", made of young professionals in various fields, such as web design, video production, graphic design, project planning. The team aims at increasing the visibility of Mobile Diagnosis, and at creating opportunities for the development of new educational methods such as long distance training and learning, and to keep users up-to-date on diagnosis issues.
In 2011 MobileDiagnosis started a partnership with Miguel Cabrer, founder of MedicalExchange Medting an e-health web platform, where mdical images and diagnosis can be collected , catalogued and shared.

Livia Bellina President

Livia Bellina MD Pathologist.
In 2008 she sent by MMS her first mobile-taken diagnostic image for second opinion. She applied to several courses about poverty medicine - Verona Negrar
 - Florence Careggi ISS 
MEMP and went as volunteer medical consultant and "on the job" teacher in some of the poorest countries: Uganda (Gulu, 2009) Bangladesh (Bhuapur, 2010) after invitation of Professor Muhammad Yunus. Bangladesh with PIME (Dinajpur, 2011) and Afghhanistan (Herat, 2011). In 2012 she went to Madagascar to find the best area for future projects.
In 2010 founded MobileDiagnosis® Onlus Association with Vincenzo e Giorgio Prestigiacomo, her sons, and Eduardo Missoni.
Her goal is the worldwide promotion of MobileDiagnosis® methodology and approach. The next goal is the expansion of MobileDiagnosis® project on a global level.

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Eduardo Missoni

Eduardo Missoni, MD, MSc, is currently a professor at the Bocconi University in Milan (Italy) and at its Post-graduate Management School (SDA-Bocconi). His teachings and research activities include Management of International Institutions and Non profit Organizations, Global Health and Development related policy-making and management. He also holds teaching duties at the Faculty of Sociology of the Bicocca University in Milan (Italy). Former Adviser to the Directorate General for Development Cooperation in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNICEF officer in Mexico and a medical volunteer in Nicaragua. Between 2004 and 2007, he was the Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (the world's largest youth organization).

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MobileDiagnosis Creative Team

MDCT is a team of young volounteers that supported MobileDiagnosis® since its foundation by taking care of the communication and promotion of its activities.
The team has a flexible structure that allows to bring in more people if needed; the current members are:

  • Chiara Consiglio, designer of the first version of MobileDiagnosis website.

  • Nadia La Chiusa, a very talented girl that created the first movie on MobileDiagnosis "The Method"

  • Giovanni Azzolina, graphic and web designer.

  • Francesco Consiglio, web master.

  • Roberto Ingrassia, graphic designer.

  • Domenico Scarpinato, director of MD videos.

  • Fabrizio Vitrano, web designer.

  • Annalisa Maggio, project writer.



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